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New Baby Squirrel

May 26, 2011

Each year I eagerly wait for the new baby squirrels to finally come out of their nests. Yesterday I was so thrilled to see one sitting right under his Mother’s arms on my windowsill! Today when I left peanuts out I was able to snap this photo. I had to shoot them through the screen because the baby is still so skittish but as you can see the Mother has no problems peering in the window to get my attention! Happy Spring!

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  1. violet permalink
    May 26, 2011 8:19 pm

    I have a mom and a baby squirrel too. What a strange couple of days it’s been. The mom is trying to move the baby to a new tree and the baby is having none of it. Mom leads baby to the tree, climbs the tree while the baby looks on. Mom looks down and waits for baby to follow. After couple of seconds, baby runs right back across the alley to the cinder block garage where they were living. This happen about seven times and on the seventh time when the baby runs back a huge tabby cat jumps out of the bushes by the garage and grabs the baby. I run out of my kitchen screaming like a crazy women (we live in town) at which point the man next door also runs out because he can see I am screaming hysterically. This man is not only my neighbor but also my church’s pastor. He and I have had a go around about my feeding squirrels because the squirrels would sit in his tree and drop shells all over the place (admittedly it was a mess) Anyhow when he realizes that I am chasing a cat, thinking it still has the baby squirrel, he stops running and starts laughing and tells me he will leave me to my mission of mercy and then goes back inside. (I really had to pray to Jesus to help me to forgive him for his insensitivity).

    Anyhow I eventually catch the cat who has apparently dropped the baby along the way, I just don’t know where it is and the mom is also barking like crazy from the top of the garage. I spend the rest of the night in despair thinking the baby is dead or disabled.

    The next morning, I look out the kitchen door and low and behold, there are the mom and baby squirrel doing the same thing again, with the mom in the tree and the baby running back across the alley, unwilling to follow mom’s lead. I throw them some walnuts and mom stops to eat and baby, who is actually pretty big, almost as tall as mom, tries to get the nut out of her mouth. When that fails, he grabs her around the waist as she stands there and tries to nurse. Baby already has a bushy tail so I am surprised it is not weaned.

    Later in the afternoon, my niece, Donna Waterman, who lives next door on the other side of my house knocks on my kitchen door and tells me that she thinks the mom has been run over by a car in the alley. She says she saw the baby run across the alley in front of her car, but not the mom and that there is a dead squirrel in the alley. So I ask God, why He has to put me through this stuff and go to examine the dead squirrel to see if it is indeed the mother or any other squirrel I know personally, but it turns out to be a young male I don’t know, so I wonder if in fact it is the baby. I ask Donna if she ran it over, she says no it was already dead. (sigh)

    So this morning I get up and there are the mom and her baby doing the whole “lets climb this tree junior” routine again, with the baby running back to the garage. Donna says that later on another squirrel was assisting with the training of baby, since it was chasing the baby around the yard with the mother trying to get it to run up the new tree. I say its a territorial thing by now, and the other squirrels and mom are getting sick of junior. Not me though. I think I am also going to post this on Mensa Squirrel under the heading of As the Squirrel Turns. 🙂

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