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Hail to the Queen

March 30, 2012


Oh happy day, I just received this GORGEOUS tin from my dear friend Katy in Scotland to add to my collection. It commemorates her coronation and is dated 1953. I can’t believe she parted with it. I photographed in it’s place of honour on my mantle. It’s arrival has inspired me to go around the apartment and dig out the rest of my tins which are all in use.


This is my favorite and is from Lazzarroni who make the great amaretto di soronno liquour. I’ve used it to keep my gouache in for years.



This atomic beauty I found in my Father’s workshop in the basement. It has paint and wear but I love it all the more because he used it. I think he kept nails in it!


 Here are 2 from Mere Poulard where the best butter galettes in Brittany are made. These were sent to me by my friend Jeannie


This one was brought back from Sweden by my friend Cajsa


I love these 2 from Fauchon but I can’t remember how I acquired them


I actually keep my tea in these, the Lipton one belonged to my dear Aunt Gertie who always promised me I would have it someday and I think of her every time I open it.


One can never have too many recipe boxes. The rooster one is just like the one my Mother always used and I found it on Ebay (as I did all the others).


These are some of my tea tins which are in constant use.


These 2 are new commemorating the Queen’s 60th anniversary and I don’t own them. They are supposed to be from Marks and Spencer but they aren’t on their website but I will continue to search for them. Many thanks to Katy for inspiring this post with her thoughtful gift!

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